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Residential Services

Whether it’s a new installation or upgrade of an existing service, Marco can handle any of your LED lighting needs.


You can count on Marco Companies to provide affordable and on-time installation, maintenance, and repair.


Our service vehicles and warehouse are fully stocked with most parts necessary to complete any residential job.

25 years of experience

We’ve been providing Northeast Florida with residential lighting & electrical services since 1990.

LED Lighting Services

Marco offers a wide range of services including electrical planning and installation, repair, maintenance, and 24-hour emergency service.

As part of our commitment to a cleaner, more energy efficient world, our Go Green program offers the latest in LED Lighting products and solutions. LEDs are both economical to operate and environmentally friendly.
LED Lighting offers a variety of improvements over traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights. LEDs are brighter, more reliable, last longer, and use less power than other forms of lighting. At Marco, we offer a huge selection of LED light fixtures and lighting solutions.
LED Lighting is ideal for parking lots, warehouses, schools, churches or almost any business. The experts at Marco can save you up to 60% of the cost of lighting and reduce your overall electric consumption by up to 20%. Our LED Lighting specialists can increase lighting levels in any area and provide an estimated 100% ROI within the first year.

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